Koha [the concept of reciprocal gifting]

A koha is a special gift, or sharing of ones wealth, that demands nothing in return and need not be immediate. It is a social protocol that encourages a win - win trading relationships based on mutual trust and integrity

In the earliest times it was a gift to Tane Mahuta, God of the trees and all living things in thanks for successful crops.

In later times it was used as a form of trading.

Visitors from the coast to inland tribes would bring a koha of seafood, or those from the South Island Greenstone; something plentiful for them but very valuable to their hosts.

In return they would be fed with the delicacies of the forest or perhaps given a canoe. They also traded food for knowledge skill and produce.

The Maori have a proverb
"Taua raurau, Taku raurau, ka Ora te Iwi - With your basket and my basket all the people will know wellness".

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